In this video, CHEK Faculty Member Ashley Mazurek demonstrates how pelvic flexion disorders can cause Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pain.

She’ll show you a corrective stretch to help overcome the flexion disorder and discusses a number of the deep causes of the disorder as well.

A proper healthy breathing pattern has tremendous effects on your health, from enabling you to exercise optimally to improving your sleep.

In her first posting for the CHEK Blog, Ashley Mazurek shows you three techniques that will help you to develop a healthy, optimal breathing pattern.

Forward head posture is one of THE MOST COMMON consequences of our modern lifestyle. It also comes with a variety of problems – poor breathing, neck pain, back pain, dizziness, osteoporotic fractures, etc.

Repetitive motion or one-sided sport patterns (like swinging a golf club or tennis racket), can cause imbalances in your body.

Healthy posture and functional movement require good breathing, and not just for the oxygen that it provides.

InchWorm Exercise:

Inchworm- A movement supplemented into a persons program that is used to recreate what may have been missed from birth to 3month old or may have been inhibited throughout life.

Without the proper infant developmental processes the motor control of integrating the head into the spine with core activation that has proper sequence and recruitment of the intrinsic and extrinsic system can’t take place correctly in adult life. This ultimately leads to adults having bad posture, acute and/or chronic pain, immune issues ect.

The process of infant development is the integration of the nervous, visceral, immune and hormonal systems with the brain.

The inchworm is an exercise that is done to allow an integration of the upper and lower body. It reactivates the software in the body to prepare for the next pattern of movement.