What is a C.H.E.K Practitioner?

C.H.E.K Practitioners are specialists in Corrective Exercise and Holistic Kinesiology. They are trained in assessment techniques and individualized application of exercise and exercise programs. The higher the level completed, the more practical knowledge and experience they will have, particularly in complex orthopedic conditions. C.H.E.K Practitioners have completed the CHEK Exercise Coach program and one or more levels of the C.H.E.K Practitioner Program, including all the required prerequisites for that level.

A CHEK Practitioner is signified by their level of training (Level I-IV) and there are also “Holistic Lifestyle Coaches” (HLC’s), a certification developed to teach how to integrate functional eating and lifestyle management practices into exercise and rehabilitation program for optimum results. There are also “CHEK Certified Golf Biomechanics”, which are people that have completed and passed testing procedures in the area of scientific golf conditioning. While all CHEK Practitioners come into the program to objectively quantify progress through the use of comprehensive evaluation, treatment, coaching and program design technologies and the HLC’s and Level IV practitioners share the ability to carefully assess the relationships between diet, internal organ stress and lifestyle factors and musculoskeletal pain or performance plateau’s. These people have committed to extensive continuing education and are indoctrinated into a multidisciplinary approach to assisting others in achieving their goals.

While some countries have many skilled exercise and health care professionals, the CHEK Practitioners are surely to be those that have committed to excellence, because the program demands it!