Listen to Real Client Testimonials


Chris has been a client on and off for many years. He originally came to Balanced Body for persistent chronic pain. Ashley worked with him til his pain was eliminated. Once his new lease on life had been created through removing his chronic pain he was able to move on and create new goals and expectations to create a better life. He has utilized all the services Ashley and Balanced Body provide and this included manual therapy, exercise prescription as it relates to learning to move his body properly and designing a program, nutrition counseling, life coaching and lastly esoteric energy work. 


It is very typical for a client to evolve into themselves during this process and for me, it is amazing to witness. My goal is always to help and support whatever process is needed to aid a client in reaching these goals. 




I met Heather through a referral, someone whom had worked with me in the past. We got started right away by allowing Heather to let me know exactly what she wanted to accomplish and the time period she had in mind. 

Heather had great questions and wanted to understand why she couldn’t lose weight, while eating what she thought was a good healthy diet with minimal junk food and sweets. She wanted to tone up her body and look fit since she had already been working out 3-4 days a week. Lastly, she wanted her family to benefit from the education she would be receiving during our sessions in hopes this could help them be healthy too.
In Heathers sessions I started from the beginning and we went through what she had been doing and then I educated her on how and why it was not working for her and prohibiting Heather from reaching her goals. I requested she complete food logs every day and during our sessions we went through them making modifications all the while educating her on what the best foods were for her body type, her age and lifestyle as a mother, professional and wife. She saw great success in her program, Heather felt more energy from eating differently and she grew in confidence. As we progressed to exercise I built Heather a program specifically designed for her then proceeded to educate Heather on why the top exercises that are commonly done in most gyms look good but are of no value. She learned her program and proceeded to add optional increase and decrease of intensity and as you can see from the connected video she not only reached and achieved her goals but is currently maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle.


Tony came to balanced body with years of persistent back pain and hip pain, he was also suffering with internal organ pain, digestive issues while his overall weight was higher than ideal. He would wake up in the morning feeling very stiff from his spinal pathologies which created fear in creating any movement or exercise not realizing this would potentially make his symptoms worsen. Through several years of suffering Tony had visited many top medical professionals in hopes they could alleviate his pain without medication or surgery, they did not! Tony, would sometimes need to schedule visits for several hours allowing me to get to the root of his issues giving him the ability to function as he needed supplying a level of comfort in his life. During his appointments I would assess, complete and implement manual and holistic therapies aligning his spine all the while teaching and educating him on how to perform stabilization exercises and positions on his own helping him to feel better. Tony and I would discuss the program, diet and training he would do on his own which consisted of dietary suggestions, stretches, mobilizations and appropriate exercises. I always knew he was doing what I asked because he progressed every time I spoke to him which allowed us to move forward very quickly and get him pain free without surgery or medication. It took Tony only 8 visits with me before he began feeling better and could move and function pain free on his own.

“I mowed and edged the yard, played with my kids, spent quality time with my wife and worked all week long. NO PAIN!!!! I don’t know how I will ever repay you. God Bless You.”

“I learned more today about the condition of my back and what it will take for my recovery. You have far exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you! I am grateful!” -Joseph

“Ashley, is a super presenter. Looks and lives her knowledge.”

“Ashley kept the information interesting and easy to understand.”

“Our instructor, Ashley, was uplifting, patient, funny, and very knowledgeable. She was able to teach, keep myself motivated, and eager to learn more.”

“I want to say thank you to you for all your time and attention to detail with me … you clearly know your field and I really appreciate your gift.”

“She has done wonders for me and I can’t imagine a week without her.”

“You have had such a profound impact on me and how I live my life. You have brought me joy, love, and laughter and made me a better person.”

“ It’s clear that you love teaching, and you sure are good at it!”

“I live hectic lifestyle and have been working with Ashley Mazurek for several years on a number of challenges that I have had  from injuries over the years , bad postural habits and various skeletal disorders and for general coaching to understand my body, it’s condition and it’s needs better .

She exemplifies professionalism and attention to detail and is about the most thorough practitioner I have come across .  She takes the relationship with her clients seriously and is always interested in their wellbeing and long term results from her work with them .

I would highly recommend Ashley for anyone who takes their health seriously and wants  to better  their mental and physical condition as I am testimony to the results that are derived from working with her .”

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